Saturday, November 24, 2007

big news X2!!!

I found out a few days ago that my little sister is engaged! Hooray, Sarah! Apparently when they went to Disney World for a week (lucky!!!) Greg proposed with a very pretty 1/2 carat diamond ring. I was a suprised, but very happy for both of them! Congratulations, Sarah and Greg!!!! :-D

Also, on Thanksgiving, Bob's sister Angie announced that they are having baby #3 in May! Wow! I know they are looking forward to the new addition to their family. That's really something to be thankful for! Congratulations, Angie and Timothy!!!! :-D


Drea said...

Hey Audra,
I dont think its abuse for employees to get to work so early :-) I wouldnt want to do it but hey thats their job and atleast they do get to join in on the sales if they want. I overheard the Kohls manage talking and told this other employee that all employees no matter what time they worked that day could get dibs on any early bird special even if it was past the time. So thats cool! ;-) perks but bad hours... better than nothing. anyyy how! :-D

Caleb doesnt like his bed because he has no bed. he sleeps on an airmattress laying in the corner of his room. We moved from Ohio and lived w/ my parents 4 months ... and he used a bed at their house then.. so when we got our own place we had no bed for him. Because his old bed was now a guestroom bed in the nursery.
But thats solved. we bought him a bunk bed yesterday :-) he was super excited.

My moms buying him nice new linens and such for christmas.

Drea said...

I meant maggie BTW ;-) not audra.