Tuesday, April 22, 2008

He's all better!

Oliver's rash faded away over the weekend so we didn't end up having to take him back to the lab for bloodwork. I'm so relieved!

He's been doing really well with the potty, too. He knows when he has to go or is going and most of the time I can get him to the potty on time. He gets so excited and proud when he uses the potty!

The sleeping is getting better as well. For the past 3 nights he's been in his bed from 8:30 until about 5. Last night he only woke up once, at about 10:30 when Bob and I went to bed. I still let him in the big bed at 5 since I love snuggling the sleepy boy and soon he won't want to snuggle anymore because he'll be a big boy.

Oh, I almost forgot! The store I work at got ROBBED yesterday! Apparently two guys with shotguns came around the back of the store and took the deposit from the manager of our store and the manager of the RTG Kids store. No one saw the gettaway car or anything so who knows if they'll ever get caught. Luckily I wasn't working yesterday but I'm kind of nervous about going back because I have to work by myself in the evenings since we are short staffed. I doubt they'd rob the same place twice though, right?!?!

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