Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween fun

Oliver ws doing a lot better after his nap and some chicken soup so we decided to go out to Reedy Fork for some trick or treating. Oliver was, of course, Batman - the only one we saw. Wyatt was in the Moby, which is orange, so I got some black felt and made a Jack-O-Lantern face and stuck it on. He was super cute! When we started out Oliver was shy whenever anyone opened the door but he always said thank you when he got the candy. After a while he would say "treat please" when they opened the door...I think he got extra candy because he was so cute! At one point a guy opened the door and said "What do you say?" and Oliver replied "Give it!!"...I think that was the funniest part of the evening. Anyway, Oliver did really well walking around and was only scared a few times when the people giving out candy were dressed up really scary. One guy even scared me - I thought he was a mannequin but then he moved and I almost jumped out of my skin! Oh how we all laughed after that. Wyatt did well, too. He hung out in the sling and made adorable faces at people. We had a super night!

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