Sunday, November 09, 2008

Renaissance Fair bird show...

This is the great horned owl from the show at the fair. The guy had lots of interesting facts about all the birds he showed. This owl was rescued after a storm knocked him out of the nest and injured him. While he was recovering he got so used to humans that he couldn't go back to the wild. Instead of hooting like a normal owl he makes a noise that baby owls make when they are hungry...he never had a mommy to teach him.
This is Igor. He's a vulture. He is very smart...the guy said he can recognize the yellow paper they wrap turkey legs in and that he'll go after them. When Igor first came out he flew about halfway down the main aisle and peeked under one of the benches. The guy said that TWO YEARS ago he found a turkey leg under that bench and has checked it every show since then. During the show he did end up taking someone's turkey leg because they hadn't put it away (like the man asked at the beginning of the show).

I don't remember the name of this snake but he was very pretty! The guy brought some kids on stage to hold it...they did pretty well but some of them looked pretty scared. He didn't really do much, he was just nice to look at.
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