Monday, February 02, 2009

the first tooth

I noticed today that Wyatt's first tooth (bottom left) has broken through his gums. Just barely, but I felt it in there.

We gave him some of those Gerber puffs to try and he likes them. Bob got the sweet potato flavor. He can't quite figure out how to get them into his mouth by himself but if I pop one in he chews it up really well. He can pick it up just fine but he hasn't figured out to open his hand back up to get the puff into his mouth. Oh well, he'll get it eventually.

He's also sitting up now, which I think I mentioned before (?) but here it is again. I have some pictures and video to share but no time to post it. Hopefully soon!!

Oliver went all week last week with only 4 wet accidents. We went out and got him some new underwear ...some with rockets and some with army theme... and he's been doing really well. He's even starting to tell us when he needs to go. We spent a few days out shopping for hours at a time and he stayed dry! The only time he wears a pull up type diaper now is when he is going to sleep. Great job, Oliver!!

Ok, off to bed, it's going to be a long day tomorrow.

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