Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Where does the time go

I wish I'd had time to add cute stories and comments to the pictures I just posted. It seems like lately the days are going faster and faster. I was happy to actually get the pictures posted at all since some of them are a few weeks old and the last post I did was from the 16th. It's April tomorrow!!

I guess thinking back about it I've spent a lot of time playing with the boys, but not doing anything that's especially special. It's getting warmer outside so we go out to play in the yard more. Oliver has a little baseball bat and ball and Bob made him a little tee so he can play. He's too cute with it! (see pictures below). He's picking up bigger and more complicated words every day. Stringing together longer and longer sentences and speaking so clearly. He's become very opinionated, too. He has definite ideas about what he likes and doesn't like. His imagination amazes me. He pretends his bed is a car, a wagon, a horse, a donkey and then today (for the first time) a motorcycle. He;ll climb up th side of Wyatt's crib and pick cherries, apples, bananas, oranges...all kinds of stuff. He'll bring me his imaginary grocery bag then tell me what's in it. He runs around webbing people because he's Spiderman...then, of course, he unwebs you and SAVES THE DAY!!! He's an amazing little guy!!

Wyatt is getting so big. He's not only pulling up now but cruising, too! He made his way around the cocktail table today to get some food (no big surprise there). He does love food - anytime I'm eating he always wants to share. For a while he decided to not like anything except fruit but he's back to shoveling down anything that gets near him now. He loves solid food more than baby food now. He eats crackers like mad (see pictures below) but he also really likes steamed carrots, parsnips, broccoli, rice, cheerios, refried beans, he even like the beef stew that gramma made!!He had his first bath in the regular tub a few days ago. What a fun time! He scooted around in there and played with all the bath toys. He's still waking up twice at night to eat. I'm pretty sure he's getting some more teeth because he's drooling a lot again and gumming everything like crazy. He's also very fussy and clingy which drives me crazy! Mostly because normally he's so sweet and even-tempered.

So there's a little update. It doesn't exactly tell the story of all the pictures but it's good enough for now...

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