Friday, May 08, 2009

a few bonks later...

The last few days have been pretty rough for Wyatt. Wednesday he got pushed (by Oliver) and when he fell back he hit his head on a toy. He got a big bump, a medium sized bruise and a little scrape behind his right ear. Thursday we went to visit my neighbor and Oliver made him bump his poor little head on the corner of the wall. He must have hit it pretty hard because he got a huge lump and bruise above his left eyebrow. We gave him crackers and iced it until the swelling went down but there's still a bruise there. Then yesterday he was playing with the drum and it slipped off the table and he went with it - bumping his poor little chin on the table as he went down. I'm just waiting...hopefully today he won't get any new injuries.

He's also still teething. That top right tooth sure is being stubborn about coming out. He's so cranky at night and at naptimes. Poor little guy. Last night he had such a hard time going to sleep...he didn't even want any milk! Then he woke up halfway through the night and did the same thing. Crying and throwing himself around. He'd fall asleep for a second (literally...a second) and then wake up and cry some more. He refused everything I tried to give him. He finally did drink a little juice/water with some teething meds in it. I guess it worked because he finally drank some milk and went to sleep. I feel so bad for the little guy when he's like that because there isn't really anything I can do about it. I wish that stinkin' tooth would just come on already!!

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