Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy 9 month birthday, Wyatt!!!

This is a day late because after working 8 hours yesterday and coming home to feel dizzy and ultimately take a nap I didn't find time to write it. Today is much better. I'm not working, Bob has only 1 service and the boys seem to be in a good mood!

Wyatt has started really cruising so much. He gets behind that little truck that Oliver got a looong time ago and just goes back and forth across the house until he falls asleep. He's standing by himself more and more, too.

He's eating like a horse. Real food, crackers, cheerios, apples, banana, mango, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli, chicken, bread, cookies, pudding, jello, cool whip, pasta...pretty much anything that I can cut up small enough or is soft enough. If I'm eating and he's not he gets so upset until I give him some bites.

He wakes up playing pee-boo with the blankets. It makes him laugh and laugh. It's one of the best ways to wake up!!

Let's see what "What to Expect" says...

Pull up to standing (yes!)
Object if you try to take a toy away (definitely!!)
Say "mama" or "dada" (yes, and knows who is who)
Play peekaboo (yes!)
Exchange back-and-forth gestures with you (yes)
get into a sitting position from stomach (yes)
clap or wave bye bye (not yet)
pincher grasp (yes)
cruise (YES!)
understand "no" (yes!!)
stand alone (yes)
Point to something to get needs met (not yet)
indicate wants in ways other than crying (ummm...maybe?)
play ball (not yet? haven't tried...he'd probably just chew on it though)
drink from a cup independantly (no, but he has figured out to tip the bottle up)
use gibberish (not really, mostly dadada, mimimim, and the like)
say one work other than mim or dada (not really)
respond to a one step command with gesture (yes! come here - with arms out)
walk well (not yet, but so close!!)

So he seems to be right on schedule if not a bit ahead. His doctor's appointment is tomorrow so I'll have weight and length and more info then.

Wyatt has such a sweet demeanor and easygoing personality. He's so much fun to play with and sometimes just to watch him play. He's curious all the time and will get into anything and everything if we let him. He grabs and paws and crawls and climbs to get what he wants. He's very determined once he decides he wants something.

He loves the bath. He splashes and plays, he likes pouring the water out of the cup that's in there. He has a few Little People in there, too but he mostly chews on those.

Oliver is still his favorite person. He lights up with the biggest smiles when Oliver is around. He wants to do everything with Oliver and to do everything Oliver does. He gets pretty frustrated when he can't keep up but he tries so hard. Oliver is usually pretty accomodating when he plays with Wyatt. He'll share his toys with Wyatt and be pretty gentle with him.

I love the little stinker!

I'm hoping to get some pictures posted soon but I'm still having trouble finding time!!

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