Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I liked it!!

For my birthday (well, the day after) we went to Raleigh (well, near there) and had a delicious grilled lunch with Pappy and Nanny. After eating (stuffing myself silly) and hanging out for a while Bob and I left the kids and went to go see a movie. Yay! A date! We got to the movie just a few minutes late because the show we wanted to see was sold out. We ended up going to the next showing which was an hour and a half later. It was raining and kind of chilly so, since we were in shorts and t-shirts, we went down the strip of stores to see about getting a jacket. We ended up at Old Navy where we found some (matching) hoodies that were not too expensive and got those. I love getting matching stuff (we used to have matching watches and matching shoes). Anyway, we were pretty wet by that point because it was an outdoor mall so we decided to go into Red Robin for a little snack. We had the tower of onion rings (not exactly date food, I guess) and the mud pie. We scarfed it down really quickly and then went back to the theater and saw the new Star Trek movie. I really enjoyed it and I think Bob did, too. What we really enjoyed though was having a date and hanging out without the kids. I think we really needed that!

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