Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy monthabirthday Wyatt!

Wyatt turned 10 months old on the 11th!! Hooray little guy, you've made it this far and what an amazing little guy you are.

Here's what "What to Expect the First Year" says he should be doing

should be able to:

get into a sitting position from stomach (yep)
pick up an object with any part of thumb and forefinger (yep)
understand no but not always obey it (yes, the stinker)

will probably be able to:

clap or wave bye bye (yes to clapping, waving very seldom)
cruise (like a fiend!)
point or gesture to something to get needs met (yes, and it makes life so much easier!)

May possibly be able to:

pick up an object neatly with tips of thumb and forefinger (when he's paying attention)
stand alone momentarily (yes)
know "mim" and "dad" (yes)
say one word other than Mim or Dad (ummm, I don't think so)

may even be able to:

stand alone well (yes)
indicate wants in ways other than crying (yes)
roll a ball back to you (he can but he usually wants to chew on it first)
drink from a cup independently (yes, a sippy cup or a cup with a straw)
use gibberish (sometimes, in fact he's doing it right now)
say three or more words other than mim or dad (no, not even close)
respond to one step command without gestures (no, but he'll do it with a gesture)
walk well (no, still only 1 step)

I'd say he's doing pretty doggone well for a 10 month old. He's got 7 teeth now and working on that 8th one. He can crawl so fast! He's also climbing now, too. He can get up on the futon without much trouble and yesterday we visited a friend who has stairs in her house and he was up the stairs so quick! He still eats like crazy and he'll eat just about anything.

He's a happy little guy, always laughing and playing so nicely. He loves Oliver so much and always wants to do what he's doing. Sometimes that causes trouble for Oliver because he's becoming so much more independent and he doesn't want to share (he's a toddler, I guess I should expect that). They're getting better, though.

Wyatt did his first sign the other day. It was the sign for "naked"...I don't know if it's the real sign or not but Oliver always did it for naked and I've been doing it at bathtime with Wyatt. He finally caught on and did it back! He was so proud of himself!!

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