Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Vacation is officially over...

We had three vacations this summer. The first one in WV that I posted about before. Then we went to the beach for two days with Pappy and Nanny and lots of cousins. We had lots of fun playing in the waves and sand. Oliver got used to jumping in the waves after a few dunks. After that he just wanted to get in the water. He built a few good sandcastles and collected a few shells, there weren't many there. The first day we were there we went to the aquarium in Wilmington and had lunch and shopped a little downtown. Then we headed up to the house where the boys went in the ocean for the first time. We saw some fish and a crab and sea gulls and pelicans. The boys had a great time with their cousins - even though they are all a good bit older than the boys. It was too bad we only got to spend two days!

This past sunday (the 5th) the boys and I headed down to my uncle's condo for a few days. We left poor Daddy at home to remodel the kitchen (which turned out to be a bigger project that expected). Gramma and Grampa were already there when we got there so we settled in and played a bit before heading out to the beach. This beach was a lot more shell-y than the other beach so Oliver spent a lot of time picking up shells and putting them in his bucket. He even found a sharks tooth! Gramma dug a "pool" up above the waves and both boys had a pretty good time playing in there. Wyatt did not like the waves but Oliver played in them a lot, trading off between me, Gramma and Grampa. We got home in time for naps and then headed to the pool. Oliver swam "all by himself" in the floatie ring and Wyatt hung out in his space shuttle floatie. Wyatt made the cutest face when he was splashing. He'd reach waaaay over the side and make a squinchy little grinning face and wave his fat little arm at the water. Oliver helped Gramma build a sand castle the second day but Wyatt spent two hours in the Moby wrap ASLEEP that time. Grampa tried to dig up a crab but we couldn't find him (the crab)! We spent a few hours at Broadway at the Beach (in Myrtle Beach, SC) where Oliver played around a fountain while we waited to see the dragon. Unfortunately the sound system was having trouble so the show ended after a few seconds. He got to see the dragon blow a few times, though. Oliver also rode a few rides (dunebuggies, a boat and the carousel where he rode Pinky Lou the pig) We went to a big candy store and got some M&Ms and Jelly beans then to the Disney store where Gramma and Grampa got Oliver some Cars toys. When we got home it was dinner and bed! The next morning we were just relaxing and packing up and cleaning up. Grampa took Oliver out to the pond to go fishing and he caught 3 fish! (with help, of course...but he reeled them in all by himself)..the first two were the same kind but I don't know what they were. The third one (that I missed because Wyatt wanted to go in) was a LARGE MOUTH BASS!!! Gramma got some pictures so hopefully I'll get them and post them soon. Both boys were pretty well behaved. Oliver got only one timeout and, other than crying whenever I left the room Wyatt was happy and playful. They both ate like horses, too. We had a great time and I hope we can go back again. Probably when the boys are older and Wyatt can appreciate it a little more.

When we got home Bob was still workin on the kitchen. Apparently the previous owner had moved a wall at some point but neglected to patch the wall and ceiling where the old wall was. Instead they just put up paneling to cover it. Bob tore all the paneling down and then realized this so he spent almost a whole day patching that. He also took down all the cabinets and he's painting them to match the accent wall, which is blue. The rest of the walls will be the same color as the living room...super light, almost white, gray with a hint of purple depending on the lighting. Anyway, right now the kitchen and living room are in chaos. Everything from the cabinets is on my couch, loveseat, tables, floor, pretty much anywhere except the path that Bob left so we could walk through. Hopefully we'll get this done soon but it will be SO worth it!!

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