Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Not a good day

Today was very trying. Every time I turned around Oliver and/or Wyatt were doing something they weren't supposed to. Every time I tried to do something they were fighting every step of the way. I know they were tired. I was, too. I ended up yelling quite a bit. I hate yelling at the boys! They are such sweet well behaved boys most of the time. It just seems like there are days when EVERYTHING goes wrong and neither one of them wants to listen. I'm going to try harder to be patient and yell less. No excuses...they are kids and they're going to whine and cry and misbehave. From now on only correction, no yelling. Consequences, but gently. Most of all, understanding.

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Chrysanthemama said...

I struggle with yelling, or snapping too. I'm praying for you!