Saturday, February 06, 2010

Oliver/poop update

I broke down and called the doctor on Tuesday. She told me to give the boy Miralax and fiber. She also said celebrate every poop no matter how small.
I tried it and it worked almost immediately! He's back to pooping without screaming! He's not afraid of the potty!
The only downside is that now he wants to go poop all day long. I have stopped giving him laxatives so hopefully that'll help but yesterday he pooped 6 times!
Anyway, he's back to normal and hopefully he'll stay that way.

On another good note Oliver's potty issues have helped Wyatt get more interested in the potty. Every time Oliver goes he wants to go, too. He had a dry diaper most of the day yesterday and has only pooped in his diaper today, no pee!

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