Thursday, April 29, 2010

cooking over the fire...

Here's Oliver cooking his hot dog over the fire. He was a little scared to get even remotely close to the fire at first but as he realized it wouldn't burn him from afar he inched up until his hot dog was actually being heated.

This is one of the sweet potatoes we cooked in the coals. I didn't have any foil so I just threw them in and hoped for the best. They turned out so delicious! Even the burnt crispy part was sweet so it didn't matter if a little blackened outside got mixed in with the soft yummy inside.

After dinner (which also included cantaloupe) the boys got a real treat! We toasted marshmallows! Wyatt got bored about two seconds in but he sure did like to eat them. Oliver was very patient and waited until at least two sides of the marshmallow were toasty brown. He loved the gooey inside.

Oliver got to cook his own dinner. He overcame his fear of fire. He was very proud of himself!
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