Thursday, June 17, 2010

It seems like there's never enough time...

I haven't posted an actual update or cute story for a while. I barely have time to put some pictures up these days. The boys keep me busy and then there's work and taking care of the house and's always something.

Wyatt has decided that he's potty trained. At least it seems that way. He's been dry for two days - he even woke up dry yesterday! (but not today) He does all his business on the potty and even tells me (or Bob) when he needs to go. I'm really amazed because Oliver didn't start telling us he had to go until he was a little older...actually almost 3.
Wyatt has also been learning colors and shapes. He's still pretty set on everything being bluuuuue but he'll get it on the second try most times. With shapes he knows triangle, circle and oval really well, the others he's still working on.
He's starting to talk up a storm. He even told my mom a story when we were in Asheville. It was too cute!! He had a fake carrot and when my mom asked if she could have a bite he said "no! bunny!" so my mom asked him where the bunny was and he said "far far wayyyyyy..road!" then someone said something about a monster and he said "monster far far wayyyyy...road!" "Bunny run run!!" Anyway his vocabulary is getting bigger and bigger and he's a chatterer just like Oliver.

Oliver has been reading. He breaks words up into smaller pieces and puts all the sounds together. Sometimes he figures it out so fast that I'm amazed. He's been reading big words, too...7 and 8 letters!
He knows so much stuff. He's learning about the solar system - how the sun works, the order of the planets, etc. He loves science and we've been reading a lot of books about fossils and they cycles of the Earth.
Oliver really likes to help. He'll help do anything at any time. I've given him a few regular responsibilities like feeding Jasper, making his bed, and folding the small towels. He also cleans up the playroom (with help) and can vacuum. He thinks vacuuming is FUN.
He enjoys arts and crafts - anything he can create. Painting and coloring are one of the easier, less messy choices but he also has a craft kit (thanks Ani and Digits!) that has paper, scissors, glue sticks, stickers, puffy balls, and all kinds of other stuff. Of course, he can still create with legos, blocks, and his new favorite - pipe cleaners. Since that first day we've played with them so much. He winds them together and then tells me what he made. It might not actually look like what he says but what an imagination!
Oliver is incredibly social. He walks up to anyone in stores or at the park and talks to them. I love it when he does that. He's so sweet and I'm pretty sure most people enjoy talking to him even if he IS a silly head sometimes.

Bob is still working at RTG - hoping to get a promotion to field supervisor late this year/early next year. His job just keeps getting harder and harder and with him being the only tech in the area right now it's really rough. He hardly ever gets home before I have to go to work so we don't get to spend much time together.

My job as Sears is still pretty easy. I barely do anything as far as my own job. After I finish my work I'll go around and help out here and there so I don't get bored. At home I'm still trying to lose weight. I lost six pounds but I gained one back. I have 15 more to lose so it won't be that bad but I wish they'd just melt off without work! I've kind of gotten off track with my diet although I'm still eating smaller portions of the stuff I do eat. I've also avoided soda for most of the month...and it was HARD! When I did have one, though, it didn't taste very good. I guess the idea of soda is better than the actual soda.
Anyway, I guess that's all the updates for now.

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