Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The boys are ready for Fall

Look at these handsome boys! We went out shopping last week and these are a few of the things we ended up with. The boys like wearing coordinated shirts, but not matching ones. I have tried to get them a few like these (same shirt, different color) so that when we're out I'll be able to keep track of them more easily. Anyway, they look absolutely adorable! They kept posing in front of the door, even after I was done taking pictures. They were giggling and pushing each other to try to get the other ones' rectangle (see them on the door?).

Oliver was being a robot in this picture, that's why his arms are down by his sides like that. He does this ALL THE TIME.

Oliver is so big now. He's sso thoughtful and a wonderful helper.

Wyatt is full of personality. He's always on the go and he's ALWAYS smiling!
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