Friday, October 15, 2010

Now that Wyatt is two...

I copied this list from a post I did about Oliver when he was two. I guess the link to the checklist doesn't work anymore but here's the list:

Yes! - Walks by him/herself

Yes! - Stands up from middle of floor without help

Yes! - Turns page of a cardboard book

Yes! - Shows a toy, body part, and/or clothing item when asked

Yes! - May say two or more words meaningfully and also uses gestures to communicate

Yes! - Jabbers expressively and imitates words inexactly

Yes! - Likes an audience; imitates ball play and other social games
Yes! - Chews most foods well; may want to feed self with spoon and drink from cup, with many spills

Yes! - Walks up stairs with one hand held, and creeps backwards downstairs (Wyatt walks down stairs like a big person)

Yes! - Likes to climb on, push and pull large objects or toys

Yes! - Stacks three or four objects

Yes! - May say five to ten words (a lot more than that!!)

Yes! - Points to one or more pictures in a book on request (one of his favorite games)

Yes! - Follows a series of directions, e.g., "pick up the book and bring it to me."
Yes! - Points to several body parts on self or doll (ALL of them!)

Yes! - Uses spoon and cup with little spilling

Yes! - Places edibles in mouth

Yes! - Able to run

Yes! - Begin jumping during play

Yes! - Completes simple three piece puzzle

Yes! - Sometimes uses two-word sentence, e.g., "more juice" or "bye-bye mommy." (he uses 4- and 5-word sentences)
Yes! - Imitates simple words immediately
Yes! - Follows directions easily
Yes! - Occasionally plays near but not usually with other children (he plays with other children all the time, especially Oliver. They love playing superheroes and often use teamwork to save the day)

Yes! - Likes to help a parent - imitates household chores

Yes! - Can undress completely, except for fasteners (and quite often does, much to my dismay)

Yes! - Temper tantrums may begin because of strong need for independence (so much worse than Oliver ever did

He can also count to twelve. He usually forgets four.

He says please, thank you and you're welcome. So polite!

He's not shy at all and will talk to anyone. He jumps right into new situations and loves meeting people.
He uses the potty all day long. Most of the time he just goes on his own and doesn't tell me. He's very independent! We're still using training pants at night.
His bedtime routine is bath, brush teeth then climb in bed. He doesn't want/need snuggled like Oliver did at that age (and still prefers). He rolls over and snuggles his dog or kitty and goes right to sleep most times. He does like to have someone nearby, though, so I usually sit on the edge of his bed until he's asleep. He still comes into my bed during the night but later and later so now it's usually between 3 and 5.
He's doing really well with colors, too. He knows red, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple, pink, gray, white, black. He has a bit of trouble with red sometimes, he calls it yellow.
He knows lots of shapes and is getting really good at the shape sorter and puzzles. He knows square, circle, triangle, heart, oval, rectangle, star, and diamond.
Wyatt had his 2 year checkup a few weeks ago and he was in the 20% for weight and the 70% for height. He's tall and skinny! He's a finicky eater. Not because he doesn't like food but because if he doesn't feel like eating, or doesn't feel like eating what I made then he just doesn't eat. There are things he'll eat one day but won't touch the next. I don't get him, but I guess he gets enough because he's just full of energy all the time.
So that's my little dude. He's an energetic, outgoing, smart and happy little boy!

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