Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Long update...some random stuff

First let me say...I LOST 12 POUNDS IN FEBRUARY! I'm down to 123 as of today. Only 8 more pounds to go before I get to my goal weight of 115. I'm hoping to get to 120 by the end of February.

I've been looking around at schools for Oliver. He's reading (level 2 books!), writing all the letters  and I've started him on simple math. After searching and looking at private schools, magnet schools, public schools...we decided to keep him out this year and start next year when he'll actually be 5. I'll continue to teach him here at the house and we're looking at a one-day-a-week preschool for him. Wyatt would also go to the preschool. I think Oliver will be more at ease if Wyatt is nearby. There's also a little girl that Oliver knows who goes to the school so if he does well with the one day we might add another day so he can be in the class with her.

Wyatt is learning all his letters and counting so well. He gets excited when he gets it right. It's fun to watch him. He likes his lessons even better when Oliver teaches him, though. Oliver is very patient with Wyatt when he's teaching him something. He'll say it over and over and over. Wyatt seems to pick it up faster from Oliver, too.

Wyatt is fully fully day potty trained. He's been having some night accidents lately but for a long time he was dry all night. He's really good about knowing when to go and doing it all by himself.

Bob got a promotion at work. He's now a Field Supervisor. That means he is in charge of the techs in Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, Charlotte and Wilmington. About 10 guys, I think. He basically rides with them and makes sure they're doing what they're supposed to. The new job involves some travel and that kind of stinks but we're figuring it out. Luckily his travel days are mostly the days I am not working anyway so I didn't really have to change anything.

The boys are just getting so BIG. I can hardly lift Oliver anymore. He's almost 40 pounds! He's all muscle, though. Just ask him, he'll show you. Wyatt is almost as tall as Oliver - he's going to be huge - but he's still as skinny as can be. Some of his 2T pants are still too big around the waist.

The power in our bedrooms went out two nights ago and then yesterday my dishwasher and stove stopped working, and then the heater for the dryer (it would tumble the clothes but not dry them). We finally figured out (with the help of Duke Power) that some pin was bent or something and the main power wasn't connecting with some of the breakers (or something?) Anyway it got fixed and everything is working again. Thank goodness! I couldn't get anything done yesterday!

Pappy came yesterday to watch the boys while Bob and I went to school and work. The boys were so excited to see him. They weren't even shy! They talked about him all day and then when he got here they barely let him in the door. They wanted to talk to him and show him every toy in the house before he could even come in. I guess he wore them out pretty well because they were fast asleep when I got home.  Thank you, Pappy!!

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