Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Practice Labor

Raddish decided she was going to have a little fun early Monday morning. I was having some pretty serious labor-like pains from about 3am until around 5am. I didn't get any sleep and felt generally crappy all day Monday. The whole time I was thinking about all the things we still need to do. The main one being to get this child a NAME!! I did end up finishing her blanket on Monday while I was resting up and taking it easy so that's one good thing.

Oliver had his first dentist appointment yesterday, too. He did really well listening to the hygienist and doing what she asked. He only got upset at the very end when she put the fluoride on his teeth. We'd been there almost an hour and a half at that point so I know he was getting restless sitting in that chair and it's no fun to have someone smearing your teeth with pasty stuff. Anyway, he was great and he got a bag of treats when he was done. (a crayon toothbrush, toothpaste, two stickers, an airplane and some little flossing sticks). I'm very proud of him!!

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