Friday, May 06, 2005


Yesterday was Jasper's birthday! We took him to Petco to get groomed and he looked so good afterwards! While he was getting groomed we went to Mi Pueblo for dinner, which is my very favorite Mexican restaurant. I had my usual, two taquitos, and nacho toppings with a cherry Pepsi and Bob had his usual Enchiladas Rancheras(i'm not sure what it is except that it has enchiladas) and a Pepsi. When we were done we went to Sports Authority where we looked at camping equipment for our upcoming adventure. There were some things that I really liked, but didn't buy because it's almost my birthday! At about 8 we went back to Petco to get Jasper and then we let him pick out some birthday treats. He ended up getting a pork bone covered with meaty fatty stuff, a trout made out of really tough fire hose stuff, and a special dinner of Venison rice, potatoes, and carrots. After he ate we played with the fish for a while and then he settled down to gnaw on his pig bone. He ate both of the big knobby ends off before we took it away and sent him off to bed. Overall I think he had a pretty good birthday.
My computer's been acting up and something caught on fire. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but Bob showed it to me. So we are now using our old computer which, while slow, is still a computer so I'm grateful to have anything at all.

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