Saturday, May 07, 2005


My birthday is in 9 more days!! I'm very excited because we are going to go camping and fishing and fun stuff. We've decided not to go to West Virginia this year, but we may go on up to Virginia where Bob's dad has a campsite and just stay there. It's right on a lake so we'll have lots of things to do and it's very secluded so we could probably take the dog and not bother anyone. My boss is getting us a tent as a wedding present (yeah i know, it's kinda late, but you know how it is sometimes.) Hopefully it will be warm enough to go because it hasn't been very spring-like lately.
I have a job interview on Monday! It's for a receptionist position at a temp agency. If I get it then I would work Monday through Friday 8-5 and no holidays!! Also, they are offering me a little bit of a raise (about a dollar, which is actually pretty good...I'll make more than Bob then. tee hee) I suppose that means that I would have to get my resume ready before then, so that will give me something to do tonight after I get home from work. If I start now then I should have some vacation time by then and can take off the week of my wedding anniversary (unlike at Rooms) Hooray!

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