Saturday, July 09, 2005


I officially started my vacation today! So far I have watched a few cartoons, eaten a bowl of fruit loops and washed the dishes. Ok that last thing isn't very vacationy, but it had to be done today because tomorrow we leave for the beach! I've been looking forward to this sooooo much! I don't have to worry about crazy customer calls, terrible delivery drivers, demanding salespeople...hurray!
I have a few more not fun things to do before we leave, but I suppose it won't be that bad. I have to get my car inspected and go trip shopping.
I still haven't finished my bag so maybe I will finish it tonite...I suppose I'll have to unless i want to do it tomorrow when we are driving. I don't think that would be very fun so I better get to work (thanks Rach, was counting on you to keep me motivated and working on the way, how's the sweater coming?)
Hmmmm, I'm not sure what else to put in here right now. I won't be posting again until we get back, but hopefully I'll have some pictures to put up when we do. (get back that is)

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