Sunday, July 03, 2005

i'm 25 now

I turned 25 in May, which seems like so long ago now. Since then I've been camping twice (once with the dog, once without), I got a (small) promotion, I started a new crochet project, and pretty much all the normal stuff too.
We went camping on my birthday weekend and we had a lot of fun. We put Jasper up in a doggie hotel (he had a great time, didn't even miss us) and we went up to Lake Kerr, which is right at the VA/NC border. We fished a lot and hung out at the campsite which is RIGHT on the lake. I didn't catch any fish, but Bob caught a catfish. It was ugly so we didn't eat it. We did have some really superb camp food though. We went swimming...if you can call it that. The water was so cold that we got in and got out quick! We spent some time on the boat with Bob and Dolly and had a picnic out on the lake. When we got back to shore I locked ALL the keys in the car and with a little luck and some hard work (and because Bob left the window open just a crack) Bob Sr. and Bob finally got the door unlocked and open.
We went camping again this past weekend and this time we took Jasper with us. He was very well behaved, and even went in the water. He was afraid at first, but he eventually followed us in until he was chest deep. Maybe next time he'll actually swim, but he didn't like the waves! We caught 7 fish this time (Bob 4 and me 3) but none were big enough to eat. There was one very large fish (I think about a foot long and maybe 6 inches around...maybe more?) that kept swimming really close to where we were standing. I really wanted to catch him, he would have been delicious!
My new crochet project is a beach bag. I've had to restart twice, so I suppose I'm having a bit of trouble. I only have a week to finish it before we go to the beach, so I need to get moving on it!!
We're still looking for a house. Looks like someone else is buying the one we liked. Oh well, there's plenty of houses out there, maybe we'll find one that's even better.
As for my promotion, it's title only. I'm now the assistant office manager at Rooms To Go in Gso. Hooray for if I can just get rid of that pesky OM then I can really be in charge. That is unless I win the lottery first, then I'll quit and just live a life of luxury.

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