Thursday, January 05, 2006

the holidays are over!

Hooray! We made it through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all the way into the new year! Not that it was very hard. I could have sat here and done nothing and still made it. As it was though, we travelled, had fun, and spent time with friends and family.

Christmas day was spent lounging about the house. We got up kind of early (8:30) and Bob made breakfast. I'll have a picture of it to put on later, so I won't tell you what it was right now. Then we opened presents, which was fun. Then we built a fire, snuggled down on the couch and watched The Incredibles. (great movie, by the way) Most of the rest of the day was spent snuggling and playing games. It was the greatest Christmas ever!!

Dec 31st: I had to work until 3 so when Bob finished work he went home and relaxed a little then picked me up. We went up to his dad's new house to hang out and have dinner. Their house is NICE! I especially like the sunroom, it was so open and bright. The whole house was very pretty and big too! We had some very yummy Mexican food for dinner and then headed home to change and run up to Kyle and Cindy's. We stayed there until about 3:30am playing Star Wars Monopoly (which they had gotten us for Christmas). It was so fun!

Jan 1st: I had to work...what a bummer!

Jan 3rd: Bob's birthday! Hooray for Bob, he's 32!!! We both had to work this day so we celebrated the day before. We did however go out to PieWorks with Kyle and Cindy and have a pizza buffet that was absolutely fabulous! Then Cindy and I ran off to pottery painting class where we were LATE and the teacher had already left. We still painted though, and I made something special for Bob's birthday. I'm so excited!

So now everything is back to normal. Blah!

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The SuperB will soon be upon Us.