Thursday, April 27, 2006

What a yucky day!

It rained yesterday, and it's still raining today. We needed it though, the water levels were below normal. The only bad thing is that it gets cold when it rains, and when it's cold and wet my back starts to hurt. In fact, not just my back, but my back around to my hip, down to my knee and then down to my ankle. I was miserable at work yesterday! When I got home I put my jammies on, snuggled onto the sofa and stayed there until bedtime. Luckily for me Bob went out with Kyle and I got the whole evening to just relax and have quiet time. I should have worked on the flowers I'm making while I was laying there, but I just didn't want to get up and walk across the room to get it.
Other than the bad weather, everything is ok. Bob has been keeping everything nice and clean, and I've been trying to help out as much as I can. I don't know if it's what they call "nesting" but I went on a cleaning frenzy on Tuesday. I think I did more that day than I've ever cleaned in a day. I still have a lot to do, and it seems like things pile up when you aren't even doing anything. Progress is being made though! Hooray! When I made dinner last night I even cleaned up all the leftover food. I did forget the cutting board, though, but it still got done because Bob reminded me before we went to bed.
Nothing else to report for now, but we'll see how work goes today. I'm wearing my new balance to work today so my back doesn't start hurting again. I think the 1.5 inch heels I wear really don't help, even if they ARE wide and stable. hehehe

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