Monday, April 24, 2006

what's going on?

This past week we had two sets of visitors. Bob's sisters came down on Monday. We had fun visiting with them. The first day we ate at the Nascar cafe, where there were lots of interesting things on the walls but the food wasn't that great. After that we hung out at the mall for a while. Angie and I looked at preggie clothes, but I didn't buy anything. She got some really cute stuff though! After the mall we all retired back to the house for some conversation and relaxation. We went to bed kind of early, and Bob and I had to work on Tuesday. The crew, though, went to the zoo, where Bob met them after he finished work. I hear they had fun, but I still haven't seen pictures! They had lost of fun stories to tell when they got back. After they drove back up to Gso they went straight to Celebration Station. I'm sure the kids had fun, but the food was horrible! (at least, that's what they told me). Meanwhile, my sister came up around 3:30. I left work early and as I had given my house key to Cheryl we could not go back to the house. We ended up at Friendly Center where we shopped around for a while, then we went to Quizno's for lunch. After that we headed back to the house, where Bob met us to let us in. He then went out to Celebration Station to meet the crew. Rachael and I stayed at the house and caught up a bit, and played Donkey Konga 2. We had fun! Then everyone came home and we sat around and visited until bedtime. Rachael and I had a grand time giggling like girls at a sleepover when we went to bed! The next morning we had breakfast and then Cheryl, Angie, Tyler, Kelsie, Jordyn, and Ethan all headed out toward Raleigh. Rachael and I went shopping, even though it was cold and rainy and icky. Well, first we painted pottery at The Mad Platter. I can't wait to get it back so I can post a picture! We went a few other places, and ended up eating at Wendy's for lunch. We both had spicy chicken sandwiches, but I was miserable from eating it for the rest of the day! No more spicy food for me! We went to Michael's on the way home and got some yarn. I'm going to make some flowers for a little vase that Rachael got. (turns out I don't have the right size hook, after all. my bad) Then we headed back to the house (it was COLD) where we ran into Bob, who had just gotten home. He went to take a nap (it had been a busy week!) and Rachael and I played Donkey Konga some more, and just sat around talking. After that we watched Hitch, and then went to bed. I didn't have to be to work until one on thrusday so Rachael and I went and got presents for Uncle Greg and Kristen (whose baby is due next month) Dorks that we are, couldn't read the registry and so I bought something that had already been gotten and had to return it and get something else. What dummies! We shopped some more and then had lunch before I had to get to work. Overall both visits were fun and entertaining for Bob and I. I hope they were for everyone else. WE LOVE HAVING VISITORS!!
so anyway...I've lately become obsessed with the size of my belly. I'm always touching it and looking at it. I measured it the other day and then looked up the measurements from my wedding dress. It's grown 2 inches since Sept 2004. I don't know if that's because of the raisin, or if I just gained weight in between and didn't realize until i measured recently. Either way, my waist is 32 inches. It doesn't LOOK bigger to me, but people at work are beginning to say it's bigger. My pants still fit though. To me, when my pants don't fit anymore then I will think it's bigger.
I've been keeping up with the (extimated) growth of the baby on (thanks Angie!). At the end of this week, the raisin should be 6 inches long! It looks like a normal baby now, with eyes and ears in the right places. Also, the raisin's circulatory and urinary systems will be working. Yay, raisin!

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