Tuesday, May 02, 2006

belly envy...

I like reading posts from the sites listed on babes in blogland. They recently updated the site and it's got a lot more stuff on it. They've also added a new site for people trying to conceive. Anyway, I was reading on of the blogs and they had a link to some belly pics. The pics are listed by number of weeks, and I was looking at the ones that are the same far along as I am. It's so not fair! Almost all of them have huge bellies! I practically have no belly at all. Ok I just measured my waist again and it's still 32 inches! A few of the people at work did comment yesterday that I was starting to get a belly. I guess I should just get over it. I'll get my huge belly, and I'll probably be terribly uncomfortable when I do. I suppose for now I will just enjoy still being able to wear my regular pants and not having to spend any money on new clothes.

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