Friday, May 05, 2006

let the dreams begin...

While trying to sleep between the 4 trips to the bathroom last night I had a very odd dream. I dreamed that I went into labor (although in the dream my belly was not any bigger than it is now, which is practically nonexsistant). I know I was in pain in the dream, but I couldn't feel it. I was wincing and stuff, but it didn't hurt. The baby was born and it was a boy! Then I realized that we hadn't picked out a middle name for him and I was frantically looking through a book of names (in the car) as we drove to the hospital to pick up the baby. (why the baby wasn't with us, I have no idea because I had JUST given birth). I remember looking at the clock in the car and it was 7:41...not sure why that's important, but I remember it. Then I realized that we didn't have a car seat and how were we going to get the baby home and WHERE WERE WE GOING TO GET A CAR SEAT THIS LATE?!?!!? (it was dark outside). I think I woke up then because I don't remember any more than that, but I was very freaked out in the dream about the lack of a middle name and the missing car seat. We have picked out a middle name for a boy though, that was settled before we even picked the first name. As far as the car seat, at this point I don't think we need it. Maybe I'm freaking out about not feeling prepared?

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