Saturday, June 03, 2006

in response...

I do find it hard to drink water, but not because I feel full. Most of the time I'm either comfortable or ravenous. I don't like to drink the water because it doesn't have any flavor! It's just cold and wet and plain...and sometimes not even cold. I do try to drink as much as I can at work though Yesterday I drank 2.5 Liters, today I only drank 1.

Speaking of being ravenous though, I'm off to Wendy's for a salad and a frosty. Yeah, I know I'm bad...I shouldn't be eating fast food. Oh well, I'm hungry!

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Jennboree said...

Fast food is my friend during pregnancy. Keeping it in moderation, it's no biggie...unless it's a Biggie Fry! (lame joke, I know)

I drink Vitamin Water which is packed with vitamins and taste. Ever tried it? They also make Fruit Water, with natural flavoring, no fake sugars. I buy it at Target.