Tuesday, August 28, 2007

new lights...

We got a new light for the kitchen because the old one was hideous and not very bright. I decided on this, at least for now. It's very bright!

Of course we got the environmentally friendly lightbulbs for it...

Here is the light we got for the playroom. The overhead light is way too bright and Oliver stares at it all the time. I don't want him to burn his little eyeballs so we got this. It has three settings, the blue and green one come on if you turn the switch once, another turn and the blue and green go off and the red, yellow and white come on. One more turn and they all come on. It's very pretty and goes with the floor in the playroom really well!
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Anonymous said...

Did you know that those "environmentally friendly" bulbs can be quite dangerous if they are not disposed of properly or if they break? Those bulbs contain mercury and if they are thrown out in the normal trash they can break in the landfills and contaminate the ground water. If they break in your house it releases the mercury into your house. They may seem better than normal bulbs but they are a hazard if not handled correctly. You could contact the company or your local waste management to see how best to dispose of the burnt out bulbs or if there is a disposal station near you that they can be dropped off at to be taken care of. I was not aware of this when I first got those bulbs. It worried me that there wasn't a larger warning on the package about it.

Not many people are aware of the potential danger of these bulbs so I just thought I would tell you incase you didn't know.