Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A few pictures from our trip yesterday...

We went up to Durham to the museum there. They had a butterfly house, too. It rained like crazy but we had fun anyway. There was lots to look at and do - an aeronautics area, lots of fish, some owls, an ant farm, Kapla blocks, a farmyard...all kinds of stuff. My favorite was Loblolly park - they have all kinds of drums and chimes and things and you can just beat on them with a stick and make LOTS of noise!
Here's a picture of Oliver signing "frog" because there were frogs in that aquarium.

Here's the tarantula. Oliver wouldn't touch anything through the glass except this. Gross!!!

Next are a few of the butterflies we saw in the butterfly house. It was so amazing. Since it was raining and you have to go outside to get here we actually had the place to ourselves for about 10 minutes before anyone else came in.

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

I've never been to a butterfly house and have always wanted to go!


PinksandBluesGirls said...

WOW!! A butterfly house!!! My boys would go CRAZY!!! The photos are amazing. I love the look in your faces!!!
And the butterfly ones are gorgeous!!!