Monday, July 14, 2008

all about the appt

We got in pretty quick for the ultrasound. Bob and Oliver came with me. We got to see Roy standing on his head. Oliver got restless toward the end so Bob took him back out into the waiting area while we finished up. She said everything looks good, everything is normal...the amount of fluid, the heartbeat, all the organs, she even confirmed (again) that he's a boy.

After the ultrasound we went in to see the dr. We waited a good long time, but remember how much I didn't like the last dr? Well this guy was fantastic! He came in and introduced himself to all of us (even Oliver) first, then he showed Oliver a book about babies in bellies. Then it was down to business - my strep b test was negative, as were the other tests they did for STD's. He said the ultrasound looked great, as did my blood pressure and my labwork. He looked at my sugar readings and said I was doing a great job (he looked at this week AND last week - the same ones the other lady looked at and said weren't so good). I gave him my birth plan and he said everything on there was totally fine, but did have a few suggestions (such as starting an IV but not putting anything in it just in case they need one for an emergency situation...i don't really want one, but I see why it is a good idea) We went over everything...he told us WHY things were done a certain way instead of just telling us that's the way it was. Oh yeah! He also said I can start testing 2 times a day instead of 3!!! Once in the morning before eating and once 2 hours after dinner. Hooray!!

I had a few questions which he answered and made me feel better about things in general. I really really liked this guy!! Anyway, everything's good and Roy is in position for launch! I scheduled my two appointments for next week but we'll see if I end up needing them...hehehehe!

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