Wednesday, July 23, 2008


When I was a kid we didn't really have assigned chores. We did the dishes sometimes or cleaned up our room or swept...a few things here and there. Bob and I were talking last night and decided it would be good for Oliver to have chores. Then we started discussing what he already does. The list was very long - I was pretty suprised!

Here it is:

Feed the dog (twice a day)
Put away shoes
Put dirty dishes on the kitchen counter or table
Put away his clean clothes
Pick up toys in the playroom
Clean up spills/messes - as long as they are small
sweep (although he doesn't actually clean anything this way he LOVES to sweep)
dust (he gets more cleaning done, and he loves the swiffer!)
Throw away junk mail...or any other scrap of paper he can find...or wrappers from food...or any trash, really.

I guess for a two year old that's a pretty good list. He's really helpful in other ways, too. He gets diapers when he needs them, picks out and (mostly) puts on his clothes, and washes himself in the bath. Hopefully all this helpfulness will continue when Roy is born and I NEEEEEED all the help.

He's a good boy!!

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Sedie said...

Wow! What a little man you have. :)