Thursday, September 18, 2008

hit and run

Sometime last night Jasper started barking like a maniac. Bob got up and yelled at him and made him go to bed, but apparently this time it was for a good reason. Someone hit the truck. The neighbor called us today and told us it was VERY loud and was suprised we hadn't heard it. Bob called the number they left and talked to someone who said it wasn't her that hit the truck. It was her friend who was really old and didn't have a license. Bob called the police and they said if they come out they'll have to charge the lady with hit and run. Well, he ended up calling them because the lady wouldn't cooperate so a nice lady cop came out and wrote up the report. She also talked to the lady Bob had talked to and tried to get information about the actual person who hit the truck but she was pretty evasive at first. The cop lady drove down the road and found the car that hit the truck and with the help of the friend finally talked to the person. The cop felt sorry for her so didn't charge her with hit and run, only the accident and something about not calling the police to report an accident. Anyway, we're calling the insurance company as soon as Bob gets home today!!

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