Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ice cream festival!

Bob told us yesterday that today was the ice cream festival at Guilford College. We headed down after he got home from work and had a good time eating ice cream and walking around. There were rides for the kiddies - Oliver rode the Berry go Round (giant spinning strawberries) and went in a bouncy thing. He also made the bell ring by hitting the thing with a giant hammer and won a pokey ball. We had (burnt) corndogs and lemonade for lunch. It was so much fun! After we left we ran around the campus throwing the ball and hugging trees. Oliver was very well behaved the whole time. Wyatt rode in the Moby (which again started a conversation with a stranger!). What a great time!

Last time we went (3 years ago) they had a bunch of booths set up with crafts and such. They didn't have that this time and we were a bit disappointed. I guess they traded that for the rides. Too bad!

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