Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Adventures with Zoobah!

One Christmas my mom got Oliver this baby doll. She thought it would help him be a better big brother and learn to nurture and all that. He just gave him a name, Zoobah, a few weeks after Wyatt was born. He likes to take care of Zoobah while I take care of Wyatt. Here he is giving Zoobah some tummy time or, as he calls it, swimmin'. When Zoobah gets tired of getting his head up (good jobbym Zoobah!) Oliver will give him a snuggle break - just like I do with Wyatt.

Here he is playing with Zoobah in the bouncy seat. Zoobah looooves the bouncy seat! Oliver rocks him (rather violently).
Sometimes he straps him in and sometimes he doesn't. When the toys are on there he tells Zoobah what they are and what instrument they play. There's a dog, a bear, and a cat. They have a guitar, a drum and a trumpet.

After all that playing Zoobah is very hungry! Oliver used to have just the plastic part of this bottle. I found some fast flow nipples the other day and put one on since Wyatt won't be needing it for a while. Oliver is a very good daddy to Zoobah!!

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