Sunday, October 12, 2008

poor little cry baby face!

Poor Oliver. He got upset today when I told him he couldn't do something. I can't even remember what it was but he was crying so hard. Poor thing. Bob came over and gave him hugs to make him feel better so he stopped crying after just a minute but he is just so pitiful!

One of the things I end up saying a lot now is "use your words". Oliver has such a huge vocabulary and I'm sure he understands more than he says but sometimes he just forgets and starts screaming or crying. It's frustrating because he can tell me what he wants or needs but doesn't.
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Sedie said...

Oh, such a cute crying face! Vlad does the same thing right now. He know how to say it, but instead he cries. I guess it's frustrating for him to think of the words to say, especially when he's tired. I find myself saying "stop crying and talk to mommy" a lot these days.