Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wyatt's 2 month appointment

Wyatt had his appointment today at 8:30. We almost missed it because we were so tired that we slept til 8! I think we set a record getting out of the house. Anyway, he's 12 pounds 11 ounces (75th percentile) and 24.5 inches (90-95th percentile) and I don't remember his head measurement but it was in the 25th percentile. (tall chubby boy with a tiny head) Everything else was right on schedule - he's following the light, he's cooing and smiling, he's grabbing and holding. She said his heart and lungs sound good; I guess he didn't get the murmur like Oliver had. When it came time for his shots we told her we were only getting 2 of the 4 that are scheduled for that age. She told us they don't do that anymore - all the kids at their practice get their shots on the government recommmended schedule because some people didn't follow up and get the ones they skipped. We went ahead and got all the ones for today but I guess now we have to figure out if we want to stay with them or switch to someone more flexible.

Overall Wyatt is doing really well!


Melinda said...

Whoa. Just... whoa. Is that even legal? Can a doctor's office *require* you to get vaccinations? Since when don't parents get to make the medical decisions regarding their own kids? This stuff gets me so mad.

Unless that doc walks on water, I would consider running in the opposite direction. What else are they going to try to mandate in the future??

Sorry. I get all up on my high-horse about this stuff...

Heather Scott said...

You are so right to question the vaccination schedule! Here's the process I just learned in Developmental Psych for dealing with your doctor on this issue: 1. Research as much as you can. 2. There are two main themes of your attack: vaccine risk/research evidence and timetable flexibility. Ask the doctor for the proven risk factors of disease contagion (how is my 2 month old going to come in contact with Hep B?) and the reprecussions of your child developing the illness, as compared to the risk of the vaccine itself (especially the Mercury/mercurisol in that syringe). Follow this with a request for the research on the cumulative effect of multiple simultaneous injections, such as they demanded Wyatt receive. Secondly, raise a concern over the timetable of vaccinations. A critical concern is months 2-4, the age when SIDS is most likely; (the evidence for a link between vaccinations and SIDS is disturbing). Additionally, the immune system of an infant doesn't begin functioning until 6 months; babies can't use vaccinations to make antibodies until then, so what good are they doing? Children in healthy environments do not need all these shots until they enroll in school, why is the government is such a hurry? As long as you're breast feeding, Wyatt has all your immunities for protection.
I would be changing doctors immediately, if I were you. Doctors have protocols to follow in order to be insured. More importantly, parents have the right and responsibility to guard and protect their children's welfare. I wish you the best as your family works this out.

Bob & Dolly said...

I would not go as far as Heather and Melinda said about changing Drs (yet) but I will say this. You are allowed to refuse anything. They cannot make you do anything. They can do what the other office said and not see you as a patient but they cannot force you to get something. It makes me very mad when Dr Offices try to make people do things they don't want to do. And for the benefit of others reading these commnets, I am a nurse.