Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oliver says...


He sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
He sings Moon Moon Moon (Laurie Burkner)
He sings The Bear Song (Gramma!)

Me: "Oliver, who's on the penny?"
Oliver: "Labe Lincoln!!"

Don't like it!! - (to everything!)

Oliver do it!

Don't cry, Quiet...(he still calls Wyatt Quiet. it's so cute!)

Daddy works there! Mim works there, too! (whenever he sees an RTG logo or commercial)

When he wants socks on he says he wants them so his feet won't get "coldy moldy"

He said "man...up there" once and now I don't like going in his room

He's a chatty little guy...he goes up to people in the store and says "hi, how ya doin?"

Mim sungle Oliver? (snuggle)

Oliver: Oliver have chicken
Me: what chicken? (it's not time to eat)
Oliver: chicken in back yard!
Me: what? I don't see a chicken!
Oliver: Dancing Chicken!
me: a dancing chicken? What's his name?
Oliver: Mim...Dancing Chicken!
Me: oooooh, well that makes sense! Where'd he learn to dance?
Oliver: Oliver teach it!
Me: Well then he must have some really cool moves
Oliver: Nooooooo, Mim

super duper! or awesome! when he thinks something is really cool

I can't believe how much he talks!

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