Saturday, November 29, 2008

I love how the boys play together

Wyatt's favorite person is Oliver. He smiles the biggest and coos the loudest when Oliver plays with him. Oliver is getting better at being gentle when he's around Wyatt. He likes reading to him (making up stories and pointing to the pictures in the book), showing him toys and letting him hold them. He sometimes still doesn't know what is ok for Wyatt to play with or not. I put all Wyatt's toys in one bin so it'd be easier but he still sometimes gives him cars or stuff. Just a minute ago he had a stuffed cow and was showing Wyatt and singing "I'm a cow! I'm a cow!" It was so cute.

Even though Oliver tries to shove his pacifier in Wyatt's mouth at random times and sometimes bonks him in the head with a toy when he gets too excited, and Wyatt sometimes hits or kicks Oliver with his wildly swinging limbs, they are still best buds. I can tell, even a this young age, that they love each other.

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