Wednesday, December 03, 2008

ok it worked!

I took Oliver to dinner at Arby's because he was still dry! He had roast beef and curly fries with lemonade and then we shared a mint chocolate shake (new and DELICIOUS!). Then we went to Babies R Us to get some diapers. We stopped in at the restroom first, thinking I'd have a soggy diaper to change. Nope!! He was still dry! He peed and pooped in the potty there! I didn't get him another treat but he did so well. He was even still dry when I put him to bed.

When we got to Arby's I was lugging the car seat in and trying to wrangle Oliver, too. I managed to order without much trouble and then as we were trying to make our way to the drink dispensers the lady behind us in line asked if she could help by carrying Wyatt to the table. I gratefully accepted but as soon as she picked up the seat Oliver burst into tears. I guess he thought she was going to take him away. Poor thing! I reassured him that she was just helping and she talked to him for a minute to make him feel better. She was very impressed that he had stayed dry all day and told him so. I guess he felt better because then we grabbed our drinks and went to the table. We thanked her and she went on her way to meet back up with (what I assume was) her hubby and eat some roast beef. Oliver takes FOREVER to eat so we were there quite a while. As they were getting up to leave (I didn't see where they sat but it was apparently somewhere that they could see us) she came over and told me how much she was impressed by the way I interacted with the boys. She said she had two kids close in age and that it's not always going to be so hard. (Can I blame it on post pregnancy hormones? I got all misty! and had to wipe the tears from my eyes.). I don't know why but it means a lot - being told by a complete stranger that I'm a good mom.

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