Sunday, February 08, 2009

A (hopefully) long update

It' s been so long since I've actually posted a real long update. So here goes...

Oliver has been dry for over a week. A few times he's woken up with a wet (pull up type) diaper but during the day he's dry! He's learning the alphabet in order now and we practiced all the way up to "I" today and he got them all. I was pretty impressed because we haven't really done past "E" very much. He mixes up "G" and "H" sometimes but he's getting it. He's starting to be really good at coloring. He is more focused on coloring each thing in the picture instead of just scribbling all over it. He's learning more and more songs, too. He loves to sing and it's so cute when he does. Sometimes he even makes up his own songs. Yesterday he started asking for a sister...I can't believe it! I, of course, told him NO WAY! Now that it's warmer he's playing outside more. He especially likes digging with his little shovel. I think he'd stay out there all day with that thing if we let him.
A few days ago we went on a playdate with Charlotte to a place called Jump n Fun. It has a bunch of those inflatable playground things with slides and things to climb and jump on. He had a great time but most of the time he just ran up and down the room like an airplane. I think he just liked having wide open space to run. He did play nicely with the girls (Charlotte had brought her friend Olivia) when they were in the same vicinity. It seems like all the other kids his age are girls, though. He doesn't have any little boy friends. Anyway, we'll definately go back to that jumpy place!

Wyatt is sitting up, rolling both ways, and teething like crazy. He can sit up really well now, no falling over. He had his first bath in the ducky tub tonight and he loved it. He smiled and laughed the whole time. Not like the old bathtub where he'd cry almost as soon as I put him in. He sat up and splashed and played with the washcloth. He's into everything now that he's more mobile. He'll roll all the way across the playroom to get to Oliver's trains. For some reason he loves those trains. Of course, he can't have them because of the small parts so I have to keep an extra vigilant eye on him now. He's had so many different kinds of food now -rice cereal, oatmeal, peas, green beans, squash, carrots, sweet potato, apples, bananas, peaches, pears, prunes. He loves all of it except peas. He ate peas at first but now he gags on them every time. Oh well, we'll stick with the others, it's not like there isn't plenty to choose from.

Bob is doing well in school. He ended up dropping two of the three classes he was taking because there was less time than he needed to get all the work done. So now he's just taking a jazz class (it counts for two of the credits he needs). That gives him more time to spend with us at home, which makes us all happier. He's actually out in the garage playing with his tools right now.

We went out today and ordered bunk beds for the boys. I know they don't need them right now but Oliver is too big for his crib/toddler bed and Wyatt is way too big for the bassinet. In order to get Wyatt in the crib we had to get Oliver a new bed. We just figured it'd be easier and more cost effective to get the bunk beds now. That way we aren't buying a bed that will only be used for a year or two until Wyatt is bigger. We got a set that also can be set up as two twin beds in case they decide they don't want bunks at a later time, or if they have seperate rooms one day. We also ended up getting a chest of drawers so we need to go ahead and sell the big dresser that's in the room now.

We also got, with our tax refund, a Wii. I'm really liking it! I've gotten so much exercise since we got it. I especially like the tennis. I'm so sore from playing it that I could hardly move my arm at work the other day. It's so much fun, though!! It's even more fun when Bob plays with me. I like when we can do stuff like that together, even if he does beat me most of the time.

I suppose that's all the updates I have for now. If I think of anything else I guess I'll just post it later.

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