Friday, February 13, 2009

New since the last post

Wyatt is trying really hard to crawl. He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth. A few times he's gotten his knee forward but he can't figure out what to do after that and usually falls over.

The tooth that I thought was in was apparently an illusion. He still has only the bumps on the bottom and NO teeth.

Oliver went potty all by himself twice yesterday. He didn't tell me he had to go, he just went in and did his thing. Great jobby, Oliver.

Of course this happened the same day he peed his pants 3 times...and twice already today. I guess I can't relax my vigilance just yet.

Bob is now the only tech in Greensboro. The other guy who did that job quit yesterday. This is going to be so hard for Bob. He's going to have so many more calls now. That also means he won't be home early very often anymore so less time for schoolwork (good thing he already dropped down to one class) and less time together. Poor Bob!

We got new sheets for Oliver's new bed even though we haven't picked up the bed yet. He picked out Spiderman sheets, which is cool, but don't they have generic noncharacter sheets somewhere? Khol's didn't have any kids sheets and Wal Mart only had character ones. Bummer. Oh well, he likes Spiderman a lot and now I don't have to paint on his walls anymore!!

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look at Target.