Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wyatt's 6 month checkup

Wyatt had his 6 month checkup on Tuesday (the 24th). He did really well! He's tall, but skinny and his head is a little smaller than average. The doctor said, though, that he's acting like a 9 month old. Sitting up really well, grabbing everything and putting it in his mouth. He's army crawling and scooching around really well, too. Oh yeah and his first tooth, the bottom right, is finally poking through!! I noticed it as we were sitting there waiting for the doctor to come in. He ran a fever that night, probably because of the tooth. We postponed his shots because he was already miserable with a cold. Let's see, he can transfer a toy from one hand to the other. He can stand holding on to something. He objects (profusely) when you try to take a toy away. He passed with flying colors and charmed everyone, too.

While we were there we got Oliver his first Chicken Pox shot. He was none too happy about it and started crying as soon as we layed him on the table. It was over pretty quick and then we went and had a special lunch because he "did so well" being a big boy. He ran a fever that night, too...and all day yesterday...and last night...and today. If he still has a fever tomorrow I'm going to call the dr's office and see if that's normal.

We got the bunk beds today! I will take some pictures tomorrow and post them. It looks great and so far Oliver loves it! We'll see how bedtime goes.

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