Tuesday, March 03, 2009


he's pulling up now. he did it in his crib for the first time on Sunday. He's also crawling and getting from his belly to sitting. I can't believe how fast he's growing up! Every day it's something new. He's still only got one tooth but he's working hard on that second one. He wants to do everything Oliver does so he's getting so strong! He also wants food - all the time...my food, Oliver's food, Bob's food...any food that gets within his sight is in danger. He'll try anything! He likes most everything, too, although he still doesn't like peas. He gets graham crackers and Gerber puffs and I gave him cruched up pieces of goldfish today. He doesn't seem to be allergic to anything either. He sleeps really well, starting out in his crib (which is in Oliver's room) but usually ending up in bed with me after about an hour or two. He also still wakes up at least once to eat.

So that's my baby...although I guess I won't be able to call him a baby for much longer

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bobwalkup said...

i dont like it.