Tuesday, July 21, 2009

no updates for...i don't know...a long time

We've been busy! Bob has been remodeling the kitchen (with not much help from me and plenty of hindrance from the boys). He took down all the cabinets and they are in the back yard being painted. The walls are painted finally (I helped with one wall) and we are now trying to figure out where to rehang the cabinets and put the appliances (the fridge is on an extension cord right now) to make the kitchen more organized and less cluttered. I spent the last three days at work ...working 7 hours Sunday, 8 yesterday and 9 on Saturday. We had a big sale and it was super busy. The new boss we just got, the one I liked so much, has been transferred again. He's in Raleigh now and our new mgr is the old mgr of the Raleigh store. It will definitely take some getting used to.

The boys are being boys. Wyatt is getting closer and closer to walking. He just needs to realized it's easier to get around that way. I shaved Oliver's hair off. He seems to like it. he hasn't even complained about not being able to twirl it when he's going to sleep. That's a good thing!!

I have to go make breakfast for the little beasts now so I'll try to update more often...

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