Tuesday, September 29, 2009

following the exploits of the locavores...


I saw this article in the Gso news and record. I was interested so now I'm following these families to see how they do eating local, seasonal food for one year. I think it will be easier than they anticipate. I might try doing this at some point but right now is crazy so I'll stick with my current mix.

I made for dinner tonight:

(local) pasta (purchased at the Farmer's Market, made in colfax, nc) topped with Ragu (obviously not local) mixed with squash and zuccini (from the farmer's market). We had a side of cherry tomatoes from a friends garden.

The boys ate it up! I did, too. it was so yummy! I might try to go to the farmer's market once a week from now on. We had also gotten some sweet potatoes that I made fries with and everyone loved those, too.

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