Friday, September 18, 2009

Wyatt potty...

Yesterday morning when we woke up I went to the bathroom just like usual and Wyatt followed me just like he always does. When we got in there, though, he pointed to Oliver's little potty and then sat on it. Well, he's peed in it a few times and pooped once so I stripped him down and put him on it. He peed right away! I decided since I had to go out and get diapers anyway that it might be time for his own potty. He picked out this one. We brought it home and he sat on it again and peed right away (he was still dry!) and then pooped in it, too. After our nap he did it again. That's 3 times in a day! He sat on it twice more but was clothed and I'm sure he peed when he sat because he was dry before and when I got him up he was wet. I tried a few more times before bed but he only sat there, no pee. I'm ok with this because he's so young but he really likes sitting on the potty!
He did pee again today when he first woke up but only a little bit. We'll keep trying!

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