Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I get so busy that I forget to post...

Where to start? It's been almost a month since I posted. I don't know where the time goes sometimes.

After making applesauce and kale chips we moved on to bigger things. We made peanut butter brownies and then, with the same recipe, banana brownies. They both turned out DELICIOUS! I've been cooking a little more lately, too. Fajitas last night, chili, pasta with veggie sauce, all kinds of yummy healthy things. The boys still like to help and I let them as much as possible.

It's getting colder so I've been making a curtain for Oliver's little window. It's a 5'5" X 2'3" window that's right next to his bed. In the spirit of the "tree house bed" I am making it look like a tree. I spent four days cutting out leaves from 5 different fabrics and then drawing lines on them. Last night I glued the leaves together for the top of the tree. Today I cut out the trunk and roots. It's going to look SOOOO COOL.

Oliver has been doing reading practice and math practice. He's also learning days of the week and how to read a calendar. Every morning we look and find the day and then he counts the days in the month (to reinforce the numbers 1-30). More and more often he's reading things in stores, books, magazines, and on TV. I'm always amazed when he sounds out a new word but I guess I shouldn't be surprised anymore. He's so stinkin' smart! He's still a really good helper and will do almost anything he's asked. He also does some things without being asked, like feed Jasper or take his dirty dishes to the sink when he's done eating. Oh, and the sleeping in his own bed! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! He will sometimes lay in his bed with a flashlight and read books for 10 minutes or so before he turns the light off and goes to himself! He's also going through a mean phase. I hope it's a phase anyway, he gets frustrated or angry and he yells mean things and/or hits. It broke my heart the other day when Wyatt came to me crying and said that Oliver doesn't like him. I think he's starting to realize now that his mean words make other people sad but it's a process. :-(

Wyatt has been learning letter recognition for W, O, M, A, B, C and D and counting numbers 1-5. Not just reciting the numbers like he's been doing but actually counting objects. He's really taken an interest in drawing lately and carries his little notebook and crayon everywhere. His favorite color is yellow and he'll mention it whenever he sees something yellow. He also knows the favorite colors of Oliver, Bob and me - and he'll be happy to recite those, too. He's a really good helper most of the time. He'll clear his dirty dishes to the sink, he dresses himself, he loves putting his shoes on. He's also fully potty trained!! He goes by himself, he even wakes up dry! I am hoping this is permanent this time and I won't have to buy any more training pants for him. Wyatt is such a happy little guy but when he gets upset he gets really upset. He'll throw himself on the floor and scream like a little banshee. I've learned to ignore it - if I do he stops faster. Afterward he's apologetic and snugly. In fact, he's snugly a lot more now than when he was smaller.

Bob's been working away at school. He's almost done with this semester and then one more semester! Too bad it's the hardest one. He has to take the "final" class next semester; the one where he writes one paper and then presents it to the entire history department. Luckily he'll have plenty of time to research while he's on the road with his new job. Once the two new guys start Bob will become area tech supervisor. That will mean that most of the time he'll work from home but occasionally he'll be out of town for a day or two. At least he won't have to crawl around on people's dirty floors as much anymore.

As for me, I still like my job at Sears. I am keeping up with housework a little better. I'm getting plenty of sleep and eating better so I have more energy to keep up with those boys. Nothing else much going on with me.

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