Friday, November 19, 2010

things I made today...

pico de gallo...from scratch using Brenda's recipe. I left out the cilantro because Bob doesn't like it but I can definitely tell the difference. I might add just a leeeetle bit. Also, next time I won't use a WHOLE pepper for a small batch like this. TOO HOT! Oliver and Wyatt won't eat it.

applesauce again. I used up the last few apples to make this batch. We'll have to go to the market again next week to get more. The boys helped a little and they LOVE this stuff so it won't last long.

chili. I used real beans instead of canned (thanks, Allan) and it seems to be pretty good. I only tasted a tiny bite and that was before I added the onions. It LOOKS good, though, doesn't it? It smells wonderful. We'll have some when we come in from playing in the leaves - we'll be cold and it'll be warm. Perfection!
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